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The native Spanish-Harlem-born Harrison first started attracting industry attention with his group Benny and the Spydrs at the infamous China Club in New York City; which was an industry hotbed at the time. “I must have been around 25 and played for about three or four years there. The China Club was magic on Monday nights. You couldn’t get in on Monday nights. Anyone who was in town was there. Being the house band, we would play with any combination of artists like Bruce Willis, Rick James, Steve Stevens, Linda Perry, Eddie Vedder, and Billy Idol. Whoever was in town, my band would play with them.” Harrison has kept pace by distinguishing himself as one of the most in-demand players around, then and now. 

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play with some great, great musicians, including Vernon Reid; Corey Glover; Joe Walsh; Elvis Costello; Simon Kirke; and Charlie Drayton, among others. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t have missed any of it,” says Harrison.

Harrison just finished his first solo album Pages, co-produced by Mike Ciro, and the first single, "Soon” will be available for download. Times Square Chronicles reviewed the music, saying, “We’ve heard it and it’s a terrific effort, rich in lyrical and musical content.”

Outside of music, for the last 6 years, Benny has been active with Veterans who are suffering from PTSD, alcohol, drug abuse, and/or homelessness in a program called Voices of Valor. It's a 9-week process to write a song with the Vets who have served our country so well. This program blends the two words of music and healing, utilizing a 9-week program to write a song with these struggling veterans. Benny produces and creates the musical part of the process, resulting in the veterans being in the recording studio themselves. “It’s a way to give by utilizing my talents. Totally rewarding.”


Harrison recently held an early premier of his new solo album Pages at NYC’s prestigious Cutting Room with his recording/touring band – Mike Ciro, Brian Dunn, Gene Perez, and Emedin Rivera. Kieth Anthony Fluitt, Tommy Bowers, and Bobby Roman. Special Guests Joe Bonamassa and Julio Fernandez added to the excitement of the evening to a sold-out crowd.



Harrison has also cast himself as showrunner as he is co-producing a 3-part docuseries called Back Up Front about his career, musicians he has worked with, and his mentors. Harrison describes it as an exclusive look at what goes on backstage before the curtain goes up.

 “Benny Harrison is an amazing talent. His love for music, his energy, and his enthusiasm separate him from all the rest. He is not just a musician, he is family.”

-Felix Cavaliere of the Young Rascals

Benny Harrison
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